Welcome to Paddy Diving, and the world of Joe and Helen O’Sullivan!

  • and some great DIVING GEAR!

We are two passionate and experienced divers who have recently moved to West Cork, Ireland, and we hope you enjoy our website. If you’re a diver you’ll know the learning curve and the adventure is never ending, and we invite you to join us on an exciting voyage of new discovery.

The south-west coast of Ireland has some great secrets with it’s big wrecks, Spanish galleons, French men-of-war, and even apparently a viking long boat slowly decaying away somewhere in the depths. Then there are the reefs, wall dives, and great wildlife with dolphins, whales, congers, basking sharks, anenome, and much much more. Perfect for novice dives to the very experienced.

We’ll be exploring what is around us in this part of the world, and anywhere else we get the opportunity to visit, and we’ll tell you all about it. There are lots of dive sites in the area, many well documented and many not, and we’re going to discover what is practical and give you a straight-forward report. We might even get lucky and discover something special!

We’ll share it all with you.

This is just the beginning and we’ll also gradually be introducing new products including our own range of diving and safety equipment, electronics, and training aids. We also do photographic production, media publication, holidays, and essentially all things nautical. We aim to build a reputation for excellence founded on a commitment to quality.

So now it’s down to you, follow the journey, buy the gear. There may not be a huge range right now but the journey has to begin somewhere so let’s start it and enjoy it together.

Joe and Helen O’Sullivan
Paddy Diving